Multi-Location Companies

Prolific Property Consultants currently represents many properties for our multi-location clients across the country. Such clients include retail, restaurants, small warehouse and office portfolios.

Not only are we aggressive in pursuing real estate reductions, we also focus our attention on the accuracy of real estate tax billings. Multi-location operations are often leased, leading to unique billing arrangements. In a free-standing location, our clients often pay 100% of the real estate tax liability of the property. But often leases are written requiring our clients to only pay a pro-rata share of taxes, especially in strip centers or malls. In these instances, landlords bill the tenant a percentage of the taxes due on their space. Without careful review, mistakes and erroneous billings may cost our clients additional taxes. We work with landlords directly to ensure billings are fair and accurate.

Another unique aspect regarding multi-location properties is the taxation of personal property. We have been very successful working with assessors nationwide to gain favorable assessments for our clients’ unique needs. For example, restaurants often are over-assessed because many personal property items may already be assessed with the real estate valuation. Retailers, on the other hand, may not have a lot of equipment, but are concerned with the fair assessment of their inventory. Both restaurant chains and retail stores rely on our expertise to obtain fair and equitable personal property values.