Electric Utilities

Prolific Property Consultants has the unique expertise and extensive experience required to manage property taxes for electric utilities. We currently represent various utility or power-generating companies throughout the nation, from electric cooperatives to Fortune 500 companies.

Our staff of utility experts has worked with most types of electric utility property including: nuclear power plants, coal and gas fired plants, co-generation plants, wind powered generation, solar powered generation, and transmission and distribution systems. We take a proactive approach with state and local assessors, which allow us to maintain the continued confidence and respect of the assessment community. This, in turn, ensures that our clients’ interests are well represented and that they have obtained the fairest valuation possible.

Our value negotiation and settlement responsibilities include both formal and informal appeals before local and state boards. Assessors realize our clients are responsible, tax paying members of their communities; however, they deserve to pay only their fair share of taxes